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Growing scale of international transport of bulk material requires quick and flexible solutions to react to fast changing market demand.
We cover each step of the project execution from the feasibility study and basic design to the assembly, installation and start up.

We also support you for any need after commissioning, while the plant is in operation. We proudly offer real tailor made solutions for our Customers, providing high technology installations and innovative mechanical solutions optimizing investment returns.

Our Handling Solutions

Leveraging on our experience with moist, plastic and sticky material with our proprietary bucket solutions we can offer now a wide variety of tailor-made solutions to transport and store any type of bulk material like coal, clay, iron ore, limestone, fertilizer, clinker, cereals and many others, covering any capacity from 100 to 10.000 ton per hour.


Thanks to our research and development in green technology, we are able to design and produce equipment to reach the highest environmental standards.

Case studies

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Dead Sea Works – Israel

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Dead Sea Works – Israel

The ship loader, made for long travels, is equipped with a tower tripper to divert the product from a wharf gallery conveyor onto a loading boom belt. The boom will incorporate shuttle movement and luffing to facilitate all the necessary loading operations. The boom/shuttle head will deliver to a retractable discharge chute to control the flow of the material into the ships hold. The load chute is a Cleveland Cascade. The continuous loading capacity of the machine is of 1.250 t/h for fertilizers. The solution is for one fixed shiploader type SHL 50/1200 to handle potash and phosphates.