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Bedeschi SpA was established in 1908 and is today one of the oldest European companies specialising in bulk handling. Over the years Bedeschi has been entrusted by many prestigious clients worldwide to help them overcome various marine infrastructural bottlenecks, both onshore and offshore. These clients have valued the innovativeness and capability of Bedeschi, to understand their exact requirements and to design & implement solutions, which are suited specifically to their projects’ requirements.

Offshore transshipment essentially means transfer of dry bulk cargo like coal or iron ore or other bulk material from large vessels into smaller vessels or vice-versa. The transhippers do have a distinct advantage over shore terminal because they can be implemented without the need for carrying out dredging, to enable large vessel to come alongside, in addition to not be cost prohibitive which the shore terminals are. Moreover, and most importantly, the implementation time of the floating terminal is much shorter as compared to the shore terminal. The floating solutions are environmentally safe too.

Case studies

Abu Dhabi Ports – U.A.E.

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