Corporate Social Responsibility



Our daily mission for the future:
sustainability is our priority.

Respect of the environment and its safeguard are the fundamentals of Bedeschi long term vision. We put these principles in practice everyday because our daily mission is to do our best to grow sustainably.
Bedeschi is focused on pollution reduction, investments in R&D, realization of modern and eco-friendly equipment and implementation of the best practices to make the difference!
These activities involve all team, who are fully commited to this vision and believe in this target.


Our business has been increasingly compelled to meet stringent standards reducing emissions and pollution. This is not only true for what is directly generated by operations but also to become a greener system as a whole. Besides the constraints imposed by the law, the desire to impact as less as possible on earth’s environment can only be translated into facts considering efficiency, seamlessness, cost limitation and sustainability as a single, integrated target rather than unrelated and incipient issues. The ability to apply known solutions with a “think out of the box” attitude is the key to achieve the goal. We applied this innovative manufacturing process for the project Cargill in Australia.


To offer customer efficient and innovative solutions for optimizing energy consumption, Bedeschi has developed high technologies to meet strict capacity and quality standards, at the same time compatible with Industry 4.0. DEM Analysis help to push the design of the machines with positive impact on energy consumption for operation. We applied this innovative manufacturing process for the project Forterra in UK and for the project Reserve in USA.


Enclosed & Pipe Conveyor

The use of completely closed or pipe belt conveyors helps to avoid emission and spillage of material. Moreover the PC technology reduces the necessity of dust suppression systems, that means saving of the energy usually required to operate them. Then, this system getting rid of all the drops between conveyors that is a waste of energy totally useless for the process. Without transfer towers it saves a lot of steel, foundation works, and erection activities, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the plant and the environmental impact. The use of enclosed bel conveyors and/or chain conveyors in shipunloading or shiploading systems, ensures that the material is handled in a completely sealed volume, all along the conveying path from or towards the ship’s holds. The need for dedusting equipment is reduced to its minimum and possibly eliminated. We applied this innovative manufacturing process for the project Renova in Argentina.

Eco Hopper & Controlled Flow Chute

This technology consists of the application of systems to monitor dust production as controlled flow spouts, filters and dry fog that use microdrops of nebulized water to keep the surrounding environment clean. Special applications as Eco-hoppers, combine the design, dust suppression, suction system and cascade chute to facilitate dusty material handling through grabs. The use of ecofriendly oil and grease and system for energy recovery is of great importance. We applied this innovative manufacturing process for the project Riga Bulk Terminal in Latvia and for the project Melon in Chile.


The use of paper is controlled, limited only to essential needs thanks also to integrated systems that monitor the low rate of use.


Towards the elimination of the use of plastic at all levels, from offices to factories, through purchasing procedures increasingly focused on the plastic-free goal.


Charging stations have been installed for recharging electric cars to support and promote green mobility with the aim of a future with a reduced consumption of fossil fuels.


An important asbestos removal operation was carried out from all BEDESCHI plants with the aim of eliminating any potential health risk.

ISO 9001

The control and tracing of waste and emissions are also guaranteed by the quality certification ISO 9001which has been achieved for over ten years.


We’ve substituted the traditional lightning with LED bulbs which consume far less electricity and last longer over time.


A separate waste collection is conducted. Each recyclable material is sent for reuse processes or controlled disposal.


Use of ecological greases and oils in the production process and advanced research to create increasingly technologically advanced systems and machines in line with the highest environmental standards


Canteen service for employees with zero kilometer and organic food, constant monitoring of consumption to limit waste and food tracking for maximum safety.


Procedures and behaviour are constantly monitored by an internal committee dedicated to identifying best-practices in the environmental field for increasingly ambitious ecological standards.


Water is a precious commodity, therefore, we try to reduce its consumption, thanks also to water bottles provided to employees and bottles that limit the waste and accumulation of plastic containers.


The space for garbage collection is optimized, rationalized through stackable containers.


Our corporate forest was founded with the intention of having a positive impact on the environment and on society. In fact, participation in the Treedom project is guarantor of tangible benefits: from fighting deforestation to supporting the rural communities involved and biodiversity.


A collaboration that aims to consolidate Bedeschi's green commitment even beyond national borders, fighting CO2 emissions and supporting the economic, social and environmental benefits of Treedom's agroforestry projects.









Local projects

Responsible companies can’t operate as a single entity, but must be conscious of the impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. To engage in CSR means that Bedeschi, in the ordinary course of business, is operating in ways that enhance society and the environment and promote its values. This approach includes the support to charity and non-profit associations, organizations promoting culture and sport that shares and carries on the same key values on which the company is founded. Some of them are:

Taking the best from the past to build a better future.

Striving for continuous improvement is the approach that guides and orients Bedeschi in every choice it makes.

Proactive action and constant research in terms of sustainability are an integral part of the corporate business model and long-term development plans. In fact, the entrepreneurial strategy sets sustainable growth objectives for the next decades, planning investments, studying opportunities and innovation.