ICL Iberpotash – Spain

Bedeschi has shipped two gantry-mounted ship loaders, fully assembled, from La Spezia (Italy), to the new mineral bulk export terminal to be operated by Iberpotash at Álvarez de la Campa, wharf in the Port of Barcelona.

The scope of supply includes the engineering, manufacturing, delivery, erection, installation, testing and commissioning. The shiploaders are used to handle muriate of potash (potassium of
chloride), rock salt and food grade salt.

They can work vessels up to 70,000 dwt and the nominal loading (belt conveyor) capacity is 1,500 tph.

The fully erected approach was more convenient for the customer and it reduced the assembly and commissioning time at site, which is very important especially when the destination dock is difficult to be reached from the land or when the activities cannot be interrupted.