Handling Systems


Over years Bedeschi has been entrusted by many prestigious clients worldwide to help them overcome various marine infrastructural bottlenecks, both onshore and offshore. These clients have valued the innovativeness and capability of Bedeschi, to understand their exact requirements and to design & implement solutions, which are suited specifically to their projects’ requirements.

This means that Bedeschi can supply fully automated system and  installations in both on shore in port and off shore, with the wide range of machinery we can offer: slewing luffing & telescopic SHL, slewing luffing & travelling SHL and Luffing & Travelling (A-Frame), offshore transhipment.

Some of our projects are VALE’s transhippers, the biggest all over the world, the fully automated coal export terminal of Taman and the port facility of Shokhna in Egypt for the export of fertilizer. You can read more about our technology and our most important projects in the following case studies or in the downloadable brochure.

Case studies

Liebherr Toros – Turkey

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