Knowledge makes us better.

Strong values, rooted in a tradition of over a century that today have also come to life in an ambitious project. A new way of placing people at the center of the corporate ecosystem thanks to resources made available to strengthen their skills and their sense of belonging. Based on these values there is ongoing training and each employee is assessed annually through a 360- degree review.
Top-down, bottom-up and transversal evaluations occur in order to facilitate the development of those intra-functional and inter-functional behaviors which are fundamental for the success of a company.

People are our main asset!

beB Academy

A structured and ambitious project that was created to give further emphasis to the centrality of the person in Bedeschi’s business context and which at the same time aims to improve the company’s competitiveness in the business and the target markets.

The aims of this new experience range from training to the development of personalized growth paths, passing through the dissemination of corporate know-how and the increase in the appeal of the Bedeschi brand to new talents.

Development steps

The Training Project for the year 2022 takes off, involving 50% of the personnel belonging to the various business functions, for a total of 500 hours of training. The macro training interventions scheduled for 2022 are:

The development of the technical skills of operating personnel in the sectors of:


The development of managerial skills for the top and the middle management with regard to operational leadership models and value-oriented personnel management that have always guided Bedeschi.

Training with a focus on worker safety for managers and the staff responsible for this role.

Online platform

In the future, beB Academy will be enriched with a dedicated online platform, at the complete disposition of the staff for the autonomous development of transversal training courses.

Universities and
training institutions

Desire to plan together with the best people operating in the academic and research world, for the creation of paths that are aimed at those who have a pivotal role in training and in the future of tomorrow’s resources.

Career Day

Bedeschi meets the young people of the University of Padua on the occasion of days dedicated to making its company and its training and professional needs known. The goal is to create an open dialogue with them through direct interviews, receiving their CVs and transmitting projects, strategies and corporate ambitions through workshops dedicated to this. These are the Career Days, organized by the University of Padua, in which Bedeschi has been participating with conviction for some time. It is an occasion to meet students and recent graduates, to discuss and exchange points of view, enriching each other. Training and proximity to the world of education are the future of the company. The future of Bedeschi.

Team building

Bedeschi organize every year special days entirely dedicated to tembuilding activities. On Friday 26 November 2021 we were in Trap Concaverde, Brescia, enjoing time together and working on the ability to act together in an integrated way.


and many other projects in progress!


Since 1908, building the future together.

Become part of a global company with more than a hundred years of history and continuous growth.
We are looking for people who know how to recognize the value of sharing and exchange and who want to make the difference. Everyone’s growth is our goal.

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