Handling Systems


Nowadays, concern for the environment is a key issue to consider during any project. Reducing the impact of coal handling systems requires advanced technologies.

Thanks to our long experience and know-how in the handling sector, we are able to guarantee eco-friendly solutions. We develop complete handling solutions from train receiving to crushing, stacking, reclaiming (either with scraper or bucket wheel reclaimers), ship loading or transhipping systems. We can design, engineer, manufacture and deliver turn key solutions for any plant capacity meeting the most stringent environmental and safety standards worldwide.

Some of our projects are: Covent in Louisiana (USA), ENEL in Brindisi (Italy) and the Coal Power Plant in Punta Catalina (Santo Domingo). You can read more about our most important projects in the following case studies or in the downloadable brochure.


Case studies

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Enel – Italy

01 / 06

Enel – Italy

Bedeschi supplied Enel with 2 circular storages; the Group completed the automation of the Federico II bunker in Brindisi (IT). The project, one of the most innovative in Europe, consists in 2 indoor domes completely computerized for the storage and reclaiming of coal, feeding the whole plant. The domes, with a diameter of 150 m and 45 meters high each, are one of the biggest in Europe. The design of the handling system supplied by Bedeschi satisfies the functional and safety standards.