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Today, we are the only company mastering the design, manufacturing and installation of the entire bricks production line without subcontracting any part of it.

We can supply a full set of services from the simple machine to a complete “turnkey” green field installation. Our products make up a complete range of clay processing machines, from quarrying to preparation, aging warehouses, extrusion and pressing of tiles of any baked clay product, handling machines (automatic lines), dryers and ovens.

Our Bricks Solutions

Our Bricks Solutions includes bricks production lines, roofing tiles production machines and prefabricated walls systems. We design and manufacture all the products involved in the preparation, storage, extrusion and handling phases of the plant.


Thanks to our research and development in green technology, we are able to design and produce machines to reach the highest environmental standards.

Also, with our offer of after-sales service like spare parts supplying and products revamping and enhancement, we ensure an eco-sustainable approach to the needs of our customers.

Case studies

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Revdinskiy Kirpichnyy Zavod – Russia

01 / 08

Revdinskiy Kirpichnyy Zavod – Russia

Bedeschi S.p.A. supplied and successfully commissioned a green field “turn-key” plant for the production of 60,000,000 pieces/year of facing bricks and structural blocks to UGMK, the Russian steel giant. The plant represents the latest state of the art installation for the Russian market including finest milling lines, energy saving dryer and kilns with “greenest” technology for emissions and dust control. Sophisticated integrated factory control systems allow the complete control of the factory operation from local or mobile to the plant management and the remote troubleshooting or fine tuning of Bedeschi engineers from Italian headquarters.