We are today the only company mastering the design, manufacturing and installation of the entire plant without subcontracting any part of it. A complete range of clay processing machines, from quarry to preparation, aging storages, extrusion and tile pressing of any fired clay product, handling machines (automatic lines), dryers and kilns. Bedeschi can supply a full set of services from the simple machine to a complete “turnkey” green field installation.

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Nexe Group Polet – Serbia

01 / 08

Nexe Group Polet – Serbia

Bedeschi has delivered new machines for Nexe Group Polet plant in Novi Becej (Serbia) where tiles are produced. The design of the installation is based on the possibility of improving the loading and unloading of the tiles supporting frames of the dryer cars. There have been installed two robots equipped with special double-fork grippers able to load the car in its height. It has been installed a system for separating the bundles of tiles with suction cups. The project includes also an innovative suction system adaptable to all types of tiles with only few mechanical adjustments. Finally, there are also a new line for the formation of bundles of dry tiles and the loading in the U-cassettes, a new line for packaging fired tiles on pallet, a line for the re-formation of the bundles, a line for the packaging on pallet and a quality control system.