We are today the only company mastering the design, manufacturing and installation of the entire plant without subcontracting any part of it. A complete range of clay processing machines, from quarry to preparation, aging storages, extrusion and tile pressing of any fired clay product, handling machines (automatic lines), dryers and kilns. Bedeschi can supply a full set of services from the simple machine to a complete “turnkey” green field installation.

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Oao “Gzhel’skiy Kirpichnyy Zavod” – Russia

01 / 08

Oao “Gzhel’skiy Kirpichnyy Zavod” – Russia

Monarch Group, operating in the Moscow region, is one of Russia’s largest construction firms. Specialising in massive monolithic construction, in just 17 years it has completed hundreds of residential and public building projects with a high level of aesthetic and technical quality. Because it owns companies that produce concrete, metal, bricks and cladding materials, the group is fully independent in terms of construction material sourcing. Bricks in particular are produced by Oao “Gzhel’skiy Kirpichnyy Zavod”, a company located in the city of Gjel just a few kilometres from Moscow that has been part of the group since 2006. In late 2011, this fast-growing brick manufacturer completed a complex technological restructuring operation to enable it to produce nine new brick sizes for the local market. The project involved an investment of around 50 million euro and resulted in the installation of a complete line with a capacity of 60,000,000 pieces per year. It was carried through entirely by the Italian group Bedeschi, based in Limena in the province of Padua, which has been building plants for the brick and tile industry since it was founded in 1908 and has established itself as one of the international leaders in the sector. Bedeschi supplied all the preparation and extrusion lines, automated equipment, dryer and kiln and performed installation and start-up of the factory. The highly innovative plant features a high degree of automation and is able to produce facing bricks, hollow and solid common bricks, as well as Poroton type large sized blocks.