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Bedeschi mobile eco-hopper being tested

Site update: testing phase of Liebherr crane and Bedeschi S.p.a. eco-hopper for wood pellet. In the video the mobile eco-hopper running on wheels while is being tested in the dock area. Eco-hoppers combine the design, dust suppression, suction system,...
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Bedeschi has been awarded a new major contract in Ghana

Recently, Bedeschi has been awarded a new major contract in Ghana. The scope of works includes the design, procurement, manufacturing, supply, construction, supervision to installation, testing and commissioning and staff training for the Cargo Handling Equipment in the Port...
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Eco-hopper being installed at the Albioma Plant

Updates from Bedeschi S.p.a. construction site at the Albioma Plant in La Reunion. The eco-hopper is being installed.This plant will have a significant impact on the environment by converting their existing boilers from “bagasse & coal” to fully green...
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CERAMITEC photo updates

Bedeschi is participating at this year event after a long time! We are so glad to finally meet you all in person once again! It is an occasion too see old friends and show our latest technologies and projects...
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New supply for Comilog Gabon in details

For our client Neyrtec Mineral, with final destination Comilog (an Eramet Subsidiary), we are suppling a system for feeding, handling and storage of manganese for the new Moanda Manganese Mine in Eastern Gabon. The client trusted us thanks to...
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Shiploader SHL 25/1400 delivered and tested

The new shiploader Bedeschi S.p.a. manufactured, has reached its final destination and is being tested on the dock.The supply is for a SHL 25/1400 shiploader which will operate on the Demarga Jetty (Gresik, Indonesia) to load fertilizers at a...
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