Safety at the heart of our work

Ensuring a healthy and safe environment for employees, customers, suppliers and visitors is Bedeschi’s priority, ensured by continuous prevention and improvement activities, in order to avoid accidents, minimize risks and put workers and external parties in a position to protect their own health. Bedeschi’s attitude is one of total attention and care for safety in:







The preventive analysis of the safety status, the identification of potential dangers, the act of informing one's employees and visitors about the existence of risks, the organization of a corrective action plan in line with the regulations and sharing with the interested parties is the normal process, followed by Bedeschi in each area of intervention. A process that applies throughout the production chain, up to the construction site where the crucial stages of assembly, installation and commissioning of the machines take place. A system that has guaranteed safety and serenity over the years.

For the protection of personnel

Keeping staff trained on the methods and innovations introduced in the field of work safety is the practice within the company; information and training complete the preparation of Bedeschi personnel.



The company provides work clothing and personal protective equipment, as well as first aid and firefighting kits in case of emergencies.



Through periodic medical examinations, Bedeschi ensures the health of each worker.



Bedeschi provides courses for personnel both of a general nature and focused on the specific tasks of the individual.



The Safety Manager holds regular meetings with workers to ensure compliance with the protocols and notify them of the existence of new procedures.

The internal regulations, also valid for outsiders

In order to ensure the safety of employees, customers, suppliers and visitors in the plants, some basic rules have been identified: small attentions that can make a difference. Especially in a period like the current one where it is necessary that everyone is committed in order to avoid the spread of Covid 19.

The certifications guarantee of quality

The high standards achieved by the company are also attested by the Rina recognition, which underlines the company's compliance with the requirements set out in the ISO 9001 procedure. The quality of the service offered in terms of customer satisfaction, implementation of the standard and constant improvement, design, production and installation phase of machinery and systems in all the industries in which we operate

certification iso 9001 certification iso 45001