Our goal is to add value to your Bedeschi Experience, Customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

We are providing solutions since 1908 with a worldwide network to support all your needs, from maintenance to readily available spare parts.

Our team of engineers and technicians can provide a tailor-made service portfolio for plant operation and maintenance, spare parts, revamping, and enhancement on any type of machine.

About Services


  • After Sales

    After Sales

    After Sales

    One of the main quality of Bedeschi is the highest degree of specialization and our field engineers are no exception. We are present in most of the regions in the world on 24/7 basis for bulk material handling, cranes and bricks installation.

    With our trouble-free maintenance programs, our technical staff will completely take care of your maintenance needs. Our yearly service agreement could include:

    • Prompt field assistance;
    • Coaching for the plant’s personnel;
    • Equipment survey (mechanical, electrical and structural analysis);
    • Obsolescence management;
    • Minimize environmental impact;
    • Effective operational cost management;
    • Efficiency and productivity enhancement;
    • Remote monitoring of equipment status with latest technology.
  • Spare parts

    Spare parts

    Spare parts

    In most cases we have emergency spare parts available within few ours from customer site.

    For normal wear and tear components we can assist in providing original high-standard Bedeschi component or other items, we can plan together the future needs based on actual usage and future improvement in order to have a smooth and effective maintenance on the installation without any interruption of the production cycle.

    Bedeschi stock offers a wide range of components readily available for just-in-time delivery.

  • Revamping


    Revamping and enhancements

    We enhance cranes and handling equipment,  we can provide height and outreach increases, span change, replacement of old trolleys, renewal of electrical equipment, motors replacement, increasing cranes performances by rebirthing the cranes for upgrading its residual life and increasing cost savings; your cranes or any kind of travelling cranes can be refurbished with upgraded capacity, better service, speeds, geometrical update, duty classification and durability, saving on operation costs and maintenance of the apparatus, whilst improving productivity, safety and reliability. Renewal of the entire electrical equipment, including cabling, is provided by mechanical and electrical engineering team.

    With the purpose to give full attention to the needs of the Customer, revamping service guarantees assistance, greatest effectiveness to maintenance service. We can inspect any type of equipment (also by others) to assess the most cost-effective revamping option and offer:

    • Repairs and improvement of equipment performance;
    • Necessary Spare parts;
    • Upgrade/modernization of existing parts;
    • Performances tracking;
    • Diagnostic systems;
    • mechanical and electrical survey of the equipment;
    • Warehouse management;
    • Technical advisory for installation;
    • Consultancy.