Roofing tiles

Bedeschi’s pressing lines combine the traditional reliability of Bed Machines with the flexibility needed to press, move and fire a wide variety of normal and glazed tiles in the same plant.


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P.T.M. Class – Indonesia

01 / 03

P.T.M. Class – Indonesia

The historical Italian firm continues developing the technical research, launching on the market new products always with excellent results. This also happened when P.T. M. Class Industry, a renowned Indonesian company manufacturer of roof tiles, awarded Bedeschi the contract for a new pressing line. An important further step added to the Bedeschi already wide range. The line will be equipped with a vertical mixer GDG 1500 type, an extruder BED 500 SLS type, a cutting and a feeding line, a NEW three-mould PRESS complete with moulds and a special air- setting machine (in-house manufactured in Bedeschi’s workshop) to grab 18 tiles at once and load them on the dryer pallet.