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Today, we are the only company mastering the design, manufacturing and installation of the entire bricks production line without subcontracting any part of it.

Some of our most important projects are the Russian UGMK and OAO Plants, the Ibstock setting line (UK) and Hoonam Sofal in Iran. You can read more about our technology and our most important projects in the following case studies or in the downloadable brochure.


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Hoonam Sofal – Iran

01 / 05

Hoonam Sofal – Iran

The scope of work of Hoonam Sofal contract, is the manufacturing of a latest generation system, with a production capacity of 600tons/day, 200 km far from Tehran, owned by Zanguie Family, renowned clay bricks manufacturer, under the brand Azharshal. We’re talking about a modern turn-key system, under construction, complying with all the recent technologies allowing the highest production flexibility. The clay preparation requires the use of a storage-silo with automatic reclaiming. The semi-continuous drying process and the tunnel kiln are completely controlled by a computer. The video-assistance program allows the remote monitoring of the whole system. All the loading unloading operations are completely automatic and carried out through suitable robots. This prestigious contract is the result of the strong industrial structure of Bedeschi. The client recognized Bedeschi as a reliable supplier, with high skills, present all over Iran with many references and a 24/7 technical service, available to satisfy all the needs.