STS / Ship to Shore

One of the main fields of OMG operation is the construction of ship-to-shore container cranes. The cranes are equipped with sophisticated computerized crane management systems, designed to provide highest efficiency and reliability.

They can be delivered fully assembled and are designed and manufactured according to the most severe quality standard. Our products represent the highest European state of art solution, mixed with the lowest energy consumption and a tailor-made design.

Some of our projects are Limassol Port made for Eurogate in Cyprus and La Spezia container terminal in Liguria (Italy). You can read more about our technology and our most important projects in the following case studies or in the downloadable brochure.


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Ship to Shore Cranes – Mauritius

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Ship to Shore Cranes – Mauritius

Two STS quay cranes shipped fully erected from China to CHCL Cargo Handling Corporation Limited, Port Louis (Mauritius) including project design review, structural tests and Quality Control supervision during the manufacturing and assembly activities. STS Cranes equipped with fully AC regen system and emiautomatic cycle.