Tan Thang – Vietnam

In 2016, Bedeschi was awarded the package for complete supplyof all the raw material crushing units, transporting and storagemachines at the Tan Thang cement plant, in Nghe An province (Vietnam). The plant with a cement production capacity of 10.000Mt/day, includes the new handling system from Bedeschi that isin full operation from 2019. Bedeschi has not only supplied thecomplete handling equipment, but has conceived and designedthe overall layout of the storages for raw materials and coal.

Bedeschi supply includes:

  • one crusher for limestone with a capacity up to 850t/h
  • one circular storage for limestone with a stacking capacity of​ 850t/h and a reclaiming capacity of 350 t/h
  • one crushing group for clay with an apron feeder and a double​ roller crusher, suitable to crush sticky and moist material, with a​ capacity of 300t/h​
  • one longitudinal storage with a stacking and reclaiming system​ able to handle difficult types of material including raw material​ additives (clay, iron ore, silica) made up of a luffing stacker with​ a capacity of 300t/h and a bucket reclaimer with a capacity​ of 200t/h
  • four (04) receiving stations with apron feeder and double roller​ì crushers for different materials such as Limestone, Clay, Coal,​ Gypsum
  • one stacking and reclaiming system for coal with a luffing and​ travelling stacker with a capacity of 200t/h
  • one side type scraper reclaimer with a capacity of 100t/h