OCP – Morocco

As part of its strategic development plan, OCP Group has chosen once again Bedeschi as EPC contractor for the enhancement of Jorf Lasfar plant and port with the aim of increasing the fertilizers sea freight shipping. The stocking capacity has been implemented from 200 Mt (4 * 50) to 400 Mt (4 * 100).

The scope of the new project consisted in:

  • Supply and installation of n°4 double boom portal reclaimers of 2400 t/h capacity each
  • Replacement of n°4 existing trippers with the supply and installation of n°4 new trippers of 1200 t/h
  • Supply and installation of n°4 belt conveyors for the reclaimed material
  • Revamping and extension of n°4 existing conveyors serving the trippers for the creation of the stockpiles
  • Supply and installation of a new belt conveyor line to connect the storages extension to the existing fertiliser’s shipping line
  • Supply and installation of n°7 conveyors transfer towers

Moreover, Bedeschi provides for mechanical erection, civil works, electrical and automation installation, fighting system (detection + extinction) and a modern digitalised system for the 3D scanning of the stockpiles, compliant with the latest needs of the client in terms of industry 4.0.