Norcem As – Norway

HeidelbergCement Group bought a turnkey 3000 t/h limestone unloading line to feed the Brevik plant in Norway. Norcem As, part of HeidelbergCement Group, has awarded Bedeschi the supply of a complete plant for limestone at 3000 t/h self-unloaded by vessel.

The supply includes:

  • Receiving Tower with hopper, closed with rubber strings.
  • No.1 Apron Feeders (below the receiving hopper
  • No.1 Transfer Belt Conveyor from the Apron Feeder to the Stockpile Building (length 115 m)
  • No.2 Filters, one for the Receiving Tower and one at the unload of the Transfer Belt Conveyor
  • No.1 Stacker feeding conveyor
  • No.1 Tripper
  • No.1 Traversing Bridge Stacker
  • No.2 Filters, one for the Tripper unload and one for the Stacker unload
  • Rail for Traversing Bridge Stacker


This installation is a benchmark for noise and dust pollution, meeting the highest standards since the plant is located in an urban area and the receiving station is in a touristic port.