Emco1 – Russia

In the optic of reaching the planned capacity of 2.500 t/h, Emco-1, a self-propelled transhipment barge, has been converted into a new bow assembly and a Cargo handling System has been installed.

This solution enables the vessel to complete off-shore transhipping operations from shuttle barges to ocean, at a capacity of 180.000 DWT. The barge is able to resist to the bad weather conditions nearby Shakhtersk Port.
The Cargo Handling system consists in a couple of receiving hoppers with an inner volume of about 70 m3, filled by No.2 Liebherr cranes, a couple of feeder belts with capacity of 1.300 tons/h, No.3 belt conveyors with capacity of 2.500 tons/h and a slewing and luffing shiploader designed for the loading of Panamax vessels.