Convent Louisiana – USA

The Coal ship loading system consists of three (3) radial-tower type loading booms with two connecting conveyors.
The shiploaders are designed to operate at a maximum rate of 6,000 TPH each.

This maximum combined loading rate can be achieved by operating one or a combination of the three shiploaders, as each individual loader is designed for 6,000 TPH. All the conveyors have been designed for a 84 inches belt. The link belts are also rated for 6,000 TPH with 84 inches belts.

Bedeschi designed all the belt conveyors for the same belt width to ensure continuity of operation and spare parts sharing.
Dust control systems and drip trays have been provided for each conveyor to control environmental contamination.
The system is able to function continously 24h/7days, 365 days a year, without any adverse effect on operation or maintenance.