Cereal Docks – Italy

Bedeschi supplied an order in Italy (Marghera, Venice) for a rail mounted continuous mechanical Shipunloader CSU 800/29,5 for soya beans.
The equipment, with a rated capacity of 800 tons/h, ships up to Panamax size. It was built and tested in Bedeschi Italian workshop, which offers the latest technological tools and facilities for testing these special items.

The scope of supply consists in a fully erected shipunloader, the example of Bedeschi capability to follow the customer’s requests and the market trends for this kind of equipment.

Fully erected solution, means that the machine hasn’t to be erected on site, but it will be delivered already assembled to its final working position.
This approach resulted more convenient for the customer, minimizing the assembly and  ommissioning time at site, very important especially when the destination dock is difficult to be served from the land or when the activities cannot be interrupted.