New Bedeschi Gypsum Reception and Homogenisation System

Fassa Bortolo, a long-standing Bedeschi customer, returns to invest in the production of plasterboard sheets in Spain, relying on the company to manufacture and install handling machines for gypsum.

The system Bedeschi will supply is mainly composed of the following machines:

  • Metallic Apron Feeder CNA 6.5/1500 300t/h
  • Stacker CAR H 300t/h
  • Excavator BEL C 150t/h
  • Fully enclosed conveyor belt line.


The function of the plant is to fill the 80x25m stockpile pit with material from the gypsum quarry. This filling is carried out to maximize the available volume (approximately 8,000 cubic meters), ensuring the homogenization of the material.
The stacking plant consists of a unit with a reversible longitudinal belt, which is mobile on the runways applied to the trusses of the shed. At the ends of the longitudinal belt are two reversible belt carriages that can move in a transverse direction to the stockpile. The material from the quarry is conveyed from the longitudinal belt onto one of the two transverse belts for distribution in the storage area.
The reclaiming group consists of a BEL C-type reclaimer on an overhead crane. The overhead crane slides on the travel paths applied to the side walls of the storage. The BEL C reclaimer picks up the material from the bottom to the top (thus ensuring maximum homogenization) and unloads the material onto a conveyor belt fixed to the overhead crane.

The project will be very similar to a supply already delivered to the same client in the past.