Bedeschi’s experties with pipe conveyors

Pipe Conveyors show several advantages when compared to conventional conveyors: the possibility to easily overcome obstacles with curves, no need for transfer points, absence of material spillage and very limited environmental impact.

The use of enclosed belt conveyors ensures that the material is handled in a completely sealed volume, all along the conveying path. The need for dedusting equipment is reduced to its minimum and possibly eliminated. This kind of conveyor allows for dust-free operations, extremely reduced cost supporting steel structures and galleries thanks to the reduced section and weight compared to a standard belt conveyor and full layout flexibility being transfer towers not necessary for changes of height or direction of the conveyor.

Bedeschi can provide pipe conveyors with vertical curves, horizontal curves and vertical and horizontal curves combined. The company can also provide different type of conveyors as Belt conveyors, Pipe conveyors, Screw conveyors, Chain conveyors, Enclose (box) conveyors and Vackem systems.