Bedeschi new standardized product line of Eco Hoppers

With decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of dedusting systems for the cement industry and many other dusted applications such as fertilizers, grain, etc. Bedeschi S.p.a. is proud to announce the launch of a specific standardized product line of Eco Hoppers for the Bulk Handling Applications.
The product line is available both with bag filters (BHB as Bedeschi Hopper Bags) and with polyester cartridges with high efficiency (BHC as Bedeschi Hopper Cartridges). BH product line is available with standardized components and according to a modular design under some dimensional series as series 4 with nominal dimension of the inlet grid equal to 4.5×4.5m, series 6 with n.d. of 6.0×6.0m, series 7 with n.d. of 7.0×7.0m, series 9 with n.d. of 9.0×9.0m.
The customer can select a big variety of options for example the preferred mobility, the typology of steering, the type of discharging output and interfaces, the typology of output valve, and the different types of power system.
Bedeschi takes the best from the past to build a better future.