Bedeschi 3D Virtual Project

Leveraging on its R&D Department Bedeschi can customize and see in advance how a future project can be with all the constraints that need to be overcome.
This level of reality is possible starting from the 3D model, developed during the detailed engineering, by means of the in-house CGI software able to create a virtual twin of the machine, very similar to the real one.
The quality and the variety of customization is why clients choose us over others.
With a wide team of experts, the design and engineering of an entire plant are beyond expectations.
The study and calculation of every detail is essential in the evaluation and design phase.
In this specific project, it was essential to evaluate how the different tide levels would affect the shiploading operations, and with the software simulation, it was possible.
The video below shows the solution we will deliver to one of our customers before even starting the commissioning.