Bedeschi belt conveyors

Bedeschi supplied to one of its clients, 2 conveyor belts for grain with conveying capacity 600tph and 1200tph. Each belt conveyor is 1750 m long with tight sequence of small radius horizontally and vertically curves. All the system is ATEX compliant. The two conveyors receive grains material coming from the continuous shipunloader we recently supplied to the same terminal. Thanks to our experience, we can handle any kind of bulk material either free flowing (wheat, corn), highly abrasive (rice, soya beans, barley) and non free flowing (meals, DDGS) with a productivity range from 100 to 1500 t/h. This is an example of the solutions Bedeschi can offer not only in the grain sector but also handling several types of other materials. Here some wonderful pictures we recently received from our on-site technicians.