Video of Bedeschi belts conveyor and shiploader in Oman

Bedeschi is proud to have contributed to the project for QPMC and Al Sarh Trading Co. in Oman
The company supplied part of the belts conveyors for a total length of 4,3 Km with 2000 t/h capacity to handle gabbro and other materials from the quarry to the SHL off-shore platform.

The last section of the conveyor is engineered for offshore installation, so the conveyors is running above the sea.
On the section across the highway, to reduce the possibility of spillage of the material due to unexpected weather conditions, the belts are running inside a gallery completely sealed in all four sides.
Bedeschi also supplied one 2000 t/h shiploader (delivered fully erected) to load vessels up to 55k DWT. It will be Installed on an offshore platform, and it has been designed to work on both side of the platform with a Boom length 30 m.
Here is the video our client made where it is shown the whole plant in Oman – Khatam Malaha.