Bedeschi has been awarded a new major contract in Ghana

Recently, Bedeschi has been awarded a new major contract in Ghana. The scope of works includes the design, procurement, manufacturing, supply, construction, supervision to installation, testing and commissioning and staff training for the Cargo Handling Equipment in the Port of Takoradi – Ghana.
The scope of the project is the supply of handling equipment and services for bauxite and manganese in export and clinker in import.

Bedeschi will supply:

5 conveyor belts for a total length of av. 3 km;
2 shiploaders A frame type mod. 50/1400;
one eco-hopper.

The 2 shiploaders and the eco-hopper will be delivered fully erected from our shipyard directly to the client jetty with dedicated heavy lift vessel. The project is state of the art for the environmental standards (dust collection and de-dusting system specifically designed for this application). All the conveyors are closed, included the section where tippers and eco hoppers are in operation.
Bedeschi will provide the computerized control system too. All the machines, managed by VFD, are foreseen to be improved to increase the handling capacity of 25%.
Bedeschi has a proven experience with all kinds of raw materials and additives and provides the design, engineering and manufacturing of integrated solutions covering every cement company needs from the quarry extraction to the mill. It is also the key partner for those plants focused on the import and export of clinker and cement capable to supply everything related to port logistic, on shore and off-shore (Ship loaders, Ship unloaders, Eco-hopper, Transshipment).