New supply for Comilog Gabon in details

For our client Neyrtec Mineral, with final destination Comilog (an Eramet Subsidiary), we are suppling a system for feeding, handling and storage of manganese for the new Moanda Manganese Mine in Eastern Gabon.

The client trusted us thanks to our historical proved capacity to process wet, plastics and sticky materials as manganese. The delivery includes 3 truck’s receiving positions each equipped with an inclined apron feeder and an hopper with a volume of about 100 tons each. The product arrives by truck CAT 777 and is directly unloaded into the hopper; special care has been taken in the design of the hopper which is equipped with the most vertical walls possible in order to avoid the creation of bridges during unloading operations.

The special shape of the apron feeder plates allows the application on the discharge head of a cleaning scraper as the one usually installed on rubber belt conveyors.

Each apron feeder has a centre-to-centre distance of 10 metres and an apron width of 2.2 metres.

It is also equipped with a scraper chain to keep the working area clean. Almost the 90% of manganese coming from the mine has a granular size less than 40mm.

The 3 apron feeders supplied by Bedeschi can work simultaneously and each feeds a washing and screening line via rotary scrubbers. From the latter, the washed and screened manganese goes to piles which are formed by rotary / circular stackers. In particular, the following piles are made:

– a 0-1 mm pile with a volume of 9,000 t of stored material

– A 2-8 mm pile with a volume of 6,700 t of stored material

– A pile of > 8 mm with a volume of 12,500 t of stored material

In addition, a fourth pile is formed using a fixed belt for manganese with a size of 0.5 mm and a storage capacity of 4,000 tonnes.

Moreover, to the apron feeders, Bedeschi supplied all belt conveyors connecting the apron feeders to the scrubbers, from the washing and screening to the storage.

Once the installation and commissioning of the plant has been completed, COMILOG GABON will be one of the largest manganese producers in the world.