Forterra choose Bedeschi once again for the refurbishment of their brick factory at Wilnecote

Following the Desford project, now in advanced construction phase, where Bedeschi S.p.a. supplied a fully integrated in house solution, covering Clay Preparation, Storage, Extrusion, Cutting, Drying and Firing, as well as, all the necessary Handling Equipment and Packaging, as a turnkey concept, Forterra PLC has chosen the Italian supplier once again for the refurbishment of their brick factory at Wilnecote.

Forterra, a UK leading brick manufacturer, is now set to invest £27 million (around €31.8 million) in its brick factory in Staffordshire. The investment will modernise the facility, which has been in operation for 30 years, bringing it up to best in class standards of efficiency and sustainability. With an expected production output boost of 20%, Bedeschi will supply again a turnkey plant, including Clay Preparation, Extrusion, Drying, Firing, Handling and Packaging machinery, enabling the factory to create a wider range of high-quality brick, and also to increase production of the famous Staffordshire Blue Brick. The investment will offer opportunities for new contracts within the commercial and bespoke markets, including larger construction projects such as schools and hospitals.

With this new contract Bedeschi confirms its leading position in the market, strengthened by the new subsidiary, Bedeschi UK founded at the end of 2020, guaranteeing after sales, technical and commercial support to the UK market. The plant will produce an extensive brick range including the very well-known Staffordshire smooth blue and will be designed with the latest and most modern highly efficient technology, paying particular attention to its environmental impact.
Environmental impact is the fundamental of Bedeschi long term vision, and, at the same, to make available to customers, efficient and innovative solutions for optimizing energy consumption. Bedeschi has developed high technologies to meet strict capacity and quality standards, compatible with Industry 4.0.

Bedeschi Brick environmental impact