Bedeschi – OMG open the doors to iron & steel industry

Bedeschi-OMG, specialized in container cranes and port logistics sectors, opens its doors to the iron and steel industry, signing a new order for AFV Beltrame Group.
AFV Beltrame Group has become number one in Italy and is a leader in the European market manufacturing rolled sections for construction, shipbuilding and excavation.
The Bedeschi supply consists of two gantry cranes for handling steel billets, a cutting-edge solution that meets the now essential criteria of environmental sustainability and energy saving.
A very strong commitment from Bedeschi, which for years has been working with the R&D department in the development of innovative products and in the optimization of systems, also from an Industry 4.0 perspective, to minimize the environmental impact and prevent noise and light pollution of the installations.
The ability to apply engineering solutions that allow thinking “out of the box” is the key to obtaining these results, as our more than centuries-old history demonstrates.