Bedeschi new project for Secil Group

SECIL Group has awarded Bedeschi with a contract for the supply of a new pipe conveyor to handle different kind of alternative fuels at Outão Cement Plant in Portugal.

This project further strengthens the cooperation started with SECIL more than twenty years ago and it is part of the major R&D Clean Cement Line Project.

The CCL project, aims to bring the Outão cement plant to the forefront of energy efficiency and lowest CO2 emissions among the European cement producers. The Project is partly funded by the Portugal 2020 Government incentives program and it aims to develop a new concept of cement production. Bedeschi supply to SECIL Group will contribute to eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels The concept of Industry 4.0 will become essential for the plant’s management for improving efficiency and optimizing the processes, therefore a digitalized system will be integrated into the whole plant.

Bedeschi engagement in this project is among the activities implemented by the Italian company to contribute  reaching some of the sustainable development objectives, especially environment protection, as established in the Agenda 2030 by the United Nations. For many years, Bedeschi has been working hard in this direction for achieving these goals. Thanks to research and development in green technology, we are able to design and produce machines and turnkey installation reaching the highest environmental standards. We are all committed to the fundamental aim: guarantying a sustainable model for the future.

The pipe conveyor with a diameter of 250mm and conveying length of 350m will grant a safe and clean transportation of alternative fuels at a rate of 300m3/h.  

Bedeschi will design and supply the complete pipe conveyor system, delivering the structure in preassembled transportable modules to allow a smooth and trouble-free erection.

The Pipe conveyor solution have been selected for this application being a modern and environmentally friendly transport system solving numerous problems associated with conventional conveyor system (i.e. spillage of materials, limitations with regard to steep incline and curve layout, etc.) and transportation of difficult materials.