Bedeschi in Dry Bulk Summer 2021

In the lastest issue of Dry Bulk (Summer 2021), Bedeschi illustrates how to improve the logistics of coal through offshore transhipment. Don’t miss it!

The coal industry has grown phenomenally over the two decades. With the rapid industrialization in China, Korea, Taiwan, India etc. and other developing countries, the demand for power has steadily increased, thus increasing the coal demand. Not many countries are blessed with deep water ports but that surely has not deterred them from being the leading coal producing and exporting countries in the world. The example which come to mind is Indonesia, which despite not having large ports to support the demands of huge amount of coal exports has shown the world that it can still be the world’s largest exporter of coal, thanks to the various offshore transshipment facilities operating in the Indonesian waters today.

The world has recently witnessed a large growth in this niche area of offshore transshipment in the recent years. Bedeschi has led from the front by way of innovativeness and has raised the bar of creativity and performance. The exemplary work done by Bedeschi in this field is by far awesome and that is precisely the reason various discerning clients have preferred Bedeschi over other players in the field.

The various factors which have contributed to the phenomenal success of Bedeschi in the field of offshore transshipment; viz:

  • Client’s requirements are most important.
  • Innovativeness is the key – how to remain ahead of the competition.
  • In house design and production of key components
  • Developing long-term relationships with clients

The first and the foremost requirement is the proper understanding the client’s and the project’s requirements and then designing the solutions to suit them. The requirements of every project, howsoever minor in nature, are unique for the project and the systems must be designed suitably.

Another aspect which helps Bedeschi in staying ahead is being innovative in its thinking having the ability to translate the innovativeness into workable designs and then having the capability to put the designs into production. Some of the examples of Bedeschi’s innovations include: curved & rotating delivery chutes on shiploaders to deliver cargo in all parts of the ocean-going vessels holds, variable speed driven belt feeders for smooth material extraction from hoppers, double ship loaders on transhippers, hoppers with collapsible sidewalls to reduce crane grabs lifts, software integration between desired delivery flow rate and cargo extraction from hoppers, just to name a few.