Bedeschi will support Albioma in its outstanding energy transition project

The Group Albioma, an independent renewable energy producer engaged in the Energy transition through biomass, photovoltaic and geothermy, established in Metropolitan France, Overseas France, Mauritius, Brazil and Turkey, has developed so far a unique partnership for 25 years with the sugar industry, for the use and combustion of bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugar cane, which significantly contributes to the energy autonomy of the French Overseas islands, by burning bagasse in their energy thermal plants during 6 months of the year (coal burning being used for the other 6 months).

Today, Albioma has begun a new major project at their thermal Plant of Bois Rouge  in La Reunion, which will have a significant impact on the environment by converting their existing boilers from “bagasse & coal” to fully green energy combustion. This Plant, which produces more than 20% of the island electrical power, will fully give-up the coal combustion to replace it by biomass combustion by the end of 2023, and will thereby contributes to increase the renewable energy rate of the total Energy mix in La Réunion, from 35% to 51%.

Bedeschi is proud to contribute to such an important transition which marks a crucial milestone for environmental safeguard and will respect the strictest environmental standards (dust emission, noise level etc.). Bedeschi scope of supply involves Albioma installations at the PORT of La Réunion, which allow to unload and store the imported wood pellets from the boats.  Bedeschi services are realized on a turnkey basis. They include two eco-hoppers, belt conveyors for transporting wood pellet to the domes of 45.000 cubic meters each, with a flow capacity of 1.200 cubic meters per hour. Moreover, Bedeschi will supply underground conveyors systems with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour to load the trucks. This project confirms not only Bedeschi long-term engagement in the environment safeguard but also the high competence of its engineering team. Besides the turn-key systems and installation, Bedeschi will guarantee also continuous and prompt field assistance, maintenance to support Albioma in the realization of the project.

The development of the new port facility will contribute to increase the economic growth of the isle and the employment rate.