Bedeschi story started here…

Guglielmo Bedeschi was born in 1876 in Rovigo (Italy). At a very young age, after a short experience as ship merchant in the Eastern routes, he found a job in a brick factory in the area where he was born. At that time, brick and tile manufacturing were characterized by a large employment of labour: all manufacturing steps were carried out by hand, using rudimentary equipment. Thanks to his lively mind and entrepreneurial spirit, Guglielmo understood that the manufacturing cycle should be mechanized in order to facilitate the work in brick factories and to increase the output capacity of plants. In 1908, relying on his knowledge acquired, Guglielmo founded the Officina Meccanica Guglielmo Bedeschi in Padua and soon afterwards he designed and built a new brick shaping machine, the so-called “extruder”. With great spirit of initiative and economic sacrifice, in 1909 he succeeded in taking this machine to Turin to the International Exhibition of Hygiene, Art, Industry, Production; for this product he was awarded the Certificate of Honour and the First Degree Gold Medal. Since then, the Company grew and extended its field of application without loosing the advantages and flexibility of a family company. Today, the fourth generation is running the Company even if the Group dimension is now comparable to the biggest players in the industry.

Bedeschi diversified Business Units can provide customers with complete turn-key solutions for bulk handling, Marine and mining, cointainer logistics, bricks.