Bedeschi project for Cereal Docks

For Cereal Docks (Marghera, Italy), Bedeschi realized a rail mounted continous shipunloader for soya beans delivered to a dedicated quay belt conveyor. The equipment has a capacity of 800 t/h and it unloads ships up to Panamax size. The shipunloader was tested in Bedeschi workshop with the latest technological tools and it was delivered fully erected, the best approach to use especially when the destination dock is difficult to be reached from the land or when the activities cannot be interrupted. The unloading system is based on the proven chain elevator technology, which grants lowest power consumption, gentle handling of the material, in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulation, simple and inexpensive maintenance. Due to the high abrasiveness of the material handled, all parts in contact with product are built in high wear resistant material and designed to be easily replaced at need. Thanks to its reversible chain conveyors and a screw type swivelling loading arm this system is also able to reload barges at 400 t/h with by-product (soya hulls) from the oil extraction plant it is serving. Bedeschi is able to provide a state of the art line of mechanical continuous ship unloaders for grain and grain derivate and other materials ranging from 300 to 1500 t/h, able to operate on rails or rubber tires on any quay or jetty, able to unload ships with dimension up to 150.000 DWT and tailor made to each specific project need either from a performances or erection/manufacturing point of view.