Bedeschi at the Port of Sokhna for Petrojet

As part of the realization of the new industrial area for fertilizers production from phosphates ordered by the egyptian NCIC, the main contractor Petrojet has awarded Bedeschi the supply of the first port facility in Egypt for the export of fertilizer. The plant is located at the Port of Sokhna in the Red Sea. The scope of supply includes an automatic storage for stacking and reclaiming with a capacity up to 100.000 tons of
fertilizers gathered from the production site nearby. Thanks to a complex system of belt conveyors the material is handled to the quay where a mobile ship loader on rubber-tires loads the ships with a capacity of 900 t/h.
Bedeschi has been chosen among the competitors as it is the only company able to provide both the stacking and reclaiming system and the export and shiploading machines.
Moreover, there is a modern system of air filters for keeping the
environment clean when moving the material avoiding spillages
and dust pollution.