INTERMODEL EU is the challenging and futuristic project of the EUROPEAN UNION, of which Bedeschi is a Member, comprising a consortium of 14 partners from EU members states such as DHL, Contship, IDP, etc.

The project aims to develop an integrated decision support platform to assess different pilot cases of Multimodal, Multiproduct and Multipurpose Freight Rail Terminals USING Bim Design BIM (Building Information Modeling) complying with UE rules and standards to reduce as much as possible the non-productive investments, thanks to an effective, careful and maximised planning.

The ambition of INTERMODEL  is to have a valuable imput into developing the European reail industry of the future. The project partner are firmly convinced that thanks to the BIM methodology, the service quality of both already existing and yet to be set up intermodal terminals can be grately enhanced. Through BIM, more heavy duty traffic shifts from roads onto rails, not as a result of fierce competition between the two modes but rather as an effect of combining their best features into one multimodal offering that will truly fit the requirements of next-generation digitally-infused logistics.