Bedeschi, leader in bulk material handling for more than a century, has an outstanding experience and know-how in the realisation of turnkey solutions for fertilizers industry.

Thanks to the achievemnts of its R&D Dept., particularly focused on green technologies, Bedeschi is able to design and state of the art systems able to meet highest environmental standards.

The quality of Bedeschi equipment is proved by long term collaborations with giants like OCP and YARA.


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Yara Brunsbuttel – Germany

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Yara Brunsbuttel – Germany

Bedeschi has supplied a ship loader for bulk cargo with pivot-mounted superstructure. It is movable on left and right or up and down, all positions of the vessels holds are possible. The loading operation takes place only on one quay-side. In this case, the bulk cargo is handed over to the ship loader by a 800 mm wide feed belt conveyor equipped with a tripper. The ship loader is driven electrically and proceeds on existing rails. The design of the new shiploader has to be realized with a preferably gentle and dust-free treating of the product.