Rubber tyred & rail mounted gantry cranes.
Flexible and fully automatic solutions for dry and wet terminals.

OMG has a huge number of references worldwide. Products are tailor-made, able to match perfectly every customer’s requirements. OMG guarantees sophisticated control and automation systems, including diagnostic systems that can be monitored remotely, providing real time containers tracking system.


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Cargo Handling Corporation Limited – Mauritius

01 / 01

Cargo Handling Corporation Limited – Mauritius

No. 6 RTG’s shipped from Qingdao China to reach the final destination, CHCL Cargo Handling Corporation Limited, Port Louis - Mauritius Island. The machines are the result of a huge project conceived after the Joint Venture between OMG-MGM Cranes and HHMC (Qingdao Yard, CHINA). The latest generation RTG’s are provided with a full Siemens equipment designed by OMG-HHMC, dual speed genset for fuel savings, anti-sway system for optimal container control. Hoist speed 35/60 m/min, nominal load under spreader 41t.