Since 1908… Taking the best from the past to build the future

Bedeschi SpA was established in 1908 and is today one of the oldest European companies specialized in its field. At the beginning of XX century the founder, Guglielmo Bedeschi, designed and built a new «extruder» awarded with the Certificate of Honor and the First Degree Gold Metal, during the International Expo in Turin 1909.

Since then the Company has expanded its field of operation under the direction of Bedeschi family, so that the 4th generation is currently leading the Group. Actual design, engineering and manufacturing with a first class technical assistance are the result of more than 100 years of experience for Customers success.

Bedeschi nowadays can provide its Customers with complete turn-key solutions for different product lines:

  • Brick
  • Bulk Handling, including Marine and Mining
  • Container Logistics
  • Gas Cleaning

The  Company  covers each  step  of  the  project  execution  from  the basic design  phase to the assembly, installation, start up and for any need after commissioning.

Actually, Bedeschi team counts more than 350 people operating worldwide to support an export rate more than 90% of sales.

The headquarter is based in Limena, where is located also the bigger manufacturing facility (the second being in Bergamo). Bedeschi build and test all the main key mechanical components of its products in its modern state of the art workshops, granting the highest standards in terms of assembly and quality control for best reliability.

In spite of its growing dimension Bedeschi still proudly offers a TAILOR MADE solutions for its Customers

Best engineering to optimize investment returns means well designed installations and innovative mechanical solutions for the wide range of machinery the company can offer.

Company products rate best in the market in term of energy consumption, exercise costs and pollution control as a result of the company commitment to environment protection.

Environment is one of the key concerns for Bedeschi since many years, thanks to the acquisition of CTP, Bedeschi is specialized also in dust treatment, gas filtration technology and electric energy production systems. Technologies for gas treatment: filtration, chemicals treatment, De-NOx, De-SOx, Acid treatment, heat recovery systems, dioxin elimination and special processes are part of the company core business.

Furthermore, in its core business, Bedeschi can count also OMG-MGM Cranes, renowned in the port cranes engineering, manufacturing and material handling equipment, producing ship-to-shore cranes (STS), rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG), rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG), Port cranes such as: level luffing cranes and gantry cranes with grab for bulk cargo. Special lifting equipment: overhead cranes, polar cranes for nuclear power stations, Revamping modifications: boom extension, leg raises, lifting capacity increases, electrical control up-grade equipment as well as providing technical consultancy and feasibility studies, overhauling of the whole structures, total management of projects, electrical and mechanical design, costs planning and control, turn-key solutions, after sales service support, maintenance service (global service)  last but not least,  supply of spare parts.

The head office in Limena represents the group’s center in terms of full responsibility for managing all business activities. Here the important functions of the entire group are coordinated. Other branches are located in Bergamo, Genoa, Dubai and United States (Miami, Kansas City), operating with many representative offices across the world. This wide technical and commercial network allows immediate technical assistance and fast solutions for any client’s needs and a complete control of the sourcing process, spare parts availability and a deep products knowledge.
The present Company situation is the proof of the main characteristics of its long tradition: the commitment to several fields, all connected thanks to continuous investments to improve technological and engineering skills and manufacturing facilities.


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Mother company setteled close to Padua. All the machines are manufactured there.



Subsidiary in Miami, USA for a prompt technical-commercial assistance on North and South American markets is the tangible evidence of this commitment and continuous development.



Engineering Company with an extreme operative flexibility: a technological benchmark of excellence.



Engineering and Manufacturing Company with more than 40 years of experience in dust treatment, gas filtration technology and electric energy production systems.



Since more than 50 years ONT design and create complete installations for the bulk material handling and belt conveyor lines.