Second floating hub for Vale iron ore transhipment

Published on December 10, 2014

After the successful commissioning of the largest and most powerful floating terminal ever built, Ore Fabrica (design capacity of 5,000 tph), which is operating in the Subic Bay, Philippines, to discharge iron ore from Valemaxs, Vale had appointed Bedeschi to supply cargo handling equipment for another transhipper, Ore Sossego (of about 280,000 dwt capacity). The cargo handling system had been fitted with five hoppers of 50 m^3 capacity each, equipped with variable belt drives feeders, conveyors and two shiploaders. The major difference between Ore Fabrica and Ore Sossego is that while the shuttle vessels receiving the iron ore on Ore Fabrica remains stationary and the shiploader moves and travels the length of the transhipper, in case of Ore Sossego the shuttle vessel will have to be warped alongside the transshippers and will be fed by two fixed shiploaders.
One section of longitudinal conveyor will be fed by three cranes and the other by two cranes both moving in opposite direction and transferring the iron ore to a transverse conveyor
Transverse conveyor will have a capacity of 6,000tph and will transport the cargo across the beam of the transshipper leading to a deviator, which will distribute the cargo to either of the shiploaders
These retractable shiploaders of 3,000 tph capacity each, have an outreach of 44m, slewing and luffing capability.
Transshipper will be able to transfer cargo directly from the Valemaxes into the shuttle vessel in a triple banking operation
In the absence of shuttle vessels the discharging operation of the Valemaxes will still continue and cargo will be stored in the holds of the transshipper, to be reclaimed and transferred to the shuttle vessels later.

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