OLIMPIADE DELLA MACCHINA UTENSILE ( Machine Tool Olympics) 3rd edition.

Published on March 29, 2017
[3] Premio ISS Newton Camposampiero

On the 28th of March, at Bedeschi Spa, based in Limena, took place the 3rd edition of the
OLIMPIADE DELLA MACCHINA UTENSILE ( Machine Tool Olympics), promoted by Confindustria.
At the event took part 64 students, coming from several technical and professional institutes of Padua city.

The students, divided into 13 teams, had to solve theoretical and practical issues, concerning the mechanical studies and skills, testing their ability with the help of teachers and tutors.

After examining a machine component sample, the young students had to quote the relevant technical drawing, reporting the correct values.

The first prize was awarded to the institutes “Newton” (Camposampiero, Padua) and “Euganeo ITIS” (Este, Padua), with equal merit.

The winners received a 500,00 € Voucher to be used in Feltrinelli points to buy books and other didactic material.

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