Our well-known double rotor technology for our crushing equipment ensures best performance with wet and sticky materials together with the lowest fines production, making it the perfect choice in a wide range of industrial solution from coal mining to cement raw material handling.
Growing scale of international transport of bulk material requires quick and flexible solutions to react to fastchanging market demand. Our transhipment expertise is the best answer combined with our on shore applications.


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Shurovo – Russia

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Shurovo – Russia

Every new project is a challenging experience that requires specific solutions, especially when treating raw materials in very hot or very cold countries. In particular, in cold countries where the raw materials freeze, these become extremely difficult to handle. Bedeschi has a strong know-how and hundred years of experience in handling moist materials in extremely cold environments and in creating new plants suitable for low temperatures, like the former USSR countries. In this case, Bedeschi supplied a complete Mobile Crushing Unit to Shurovsky Cement in Russia. Due to the consistency of these materials, a special attention to the size, shape, lining and  construction features was required during the design of these machines.