OMG-MGM CRANES, part of the Bedeschi Group, is an Italian company specialized in the production and revamping of containers handling equipment since more than 100 years.  The company, specilized in the energy and bridges, steel structures, lock gates, hydraulic, naval and hosting equipment production, was born in 1890.
In the 1965 it starts to produce container handling equipment and water screen systems In 1970 IHI Corporation (Japan) provided OMG with the authorized licence for the conception and manufacturing  of the first Ship to Shore in Felixstowe Port. The Company’s product range includes ship to shore (STS) container cranes, rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes, rail mounted gantry (RMG) cranes and other special material lifting equipment.

The Company manages each step of the project execution from feasibility study to manufacturing, assembly, installation, start up and after sales assistance with many references also in revamping of existing machinery. OMG MGM builds and tests all the main key mechanical components of its cranes in its Italian workshop offering the latest technologies and facilities for the perfect machining and testing of these special items.


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Cargo Handling Corporation Limited – Mauritius

01 / 05

Cargo Handling Corporation Limited – Mauritius

No. 6 RTG’s shipped from Qingdao China to reach the final destination, CHCL Cargo Handling Corporation Limited, Port Louis - Mauritius Island. The machines are the result of a huge project conceived after the Joint Venture between OMG-MGM Cranes and HHMC (Qingdao Yard, CHINA). The latest generation RTG’s are provided with a full Siemens equipment designed by OMG-HHMC, dual speed genset for fuel savings, anti-sway system for optimal container control. Hoist speed 35/60 m/min, nominal load under spreader 41t.