ArcelorMittal – Italy

This plant is aiming to be one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly facilities in Europe. Bedeschi was awarded the supply of the stacking and reclaiming system inside the primary park (mineral and fossil).

Inside the iron ore stockyard are installed 3 new machines for bulk handling with innovative characteristics. This solution is making Taranto the leading facility in the field of stacking materials. The machines are conceived to specifically optimize the quantity of the materials handled inside the stockyard, maximizing the covered area and the piles height. In the meantime, these will reduce the energy consumption and improve the plant efficiency and reliability.

Even if the yards are completely covered and insulated from the outside, the environment safeguard has been taken into great account to reduce the dust emission from the beginning to the loading and unloading operations.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a water system on-board that, through a tank, a distribution system and nozzles strategically placed, is remarkably reducing the dust emission without raising the humidity level of the conveyed material. In terms of sustainability, this intervention is unique.