“Briqueterie de la Tafna”: automatic laoding system

Published on September 11, 2017

Another well-known Algerian client “Briqueterie de la Tafna”, based in Tlemcen, one of the historical Bedeschi’s clients, awarded Bedeschi the engineering and installation of 2 automatic systems for the loading of strapped packs without pallet on lorries and eventual automatic stocking in a suitable area, in order to optimize the lorries load, avoiding multiple handling of packs with fork lift, to safeguard the quality of the fired product and of the straps on packs. CAMI technical staff conceived and manufactured a system that, once determined and pre-set the position of the lorry, carries out an automatic loading cycle grabbing 4 packs at once, overlapped and equally distant each other’s, directly from the packing line, unloading them directly on the truck, placing them near one to another using a translator through the grabbing control panel.
Eurl BAT/Sarl BMAL – Algeria
Always in Algeria, Mr Amouri Toufik, one of the greatest bricks manufacturers, already known by Bedeschi, recently awarded the engineering and manufacturing of 4 automatic systems for the loading of strapped packs on lorry, to be installed in Laghouat, to accomplish Plants BAT and BMAL.

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