BFS TUNISIA: new prestigious contract for the machines for the new 1600 t/d brick factory

Published on December 9, 2014

Bedeschi supply the whole preparation line, silos and extruder, composed of:
Two big apron feeders CNL 8/1500 for the two types of clay, one apron feeder with rubber belt, type CNG 4/1200, to lighten the mixture by adding sand and one big crusher, type RS 650/1500. We have therefore decided with the client to allow the work with damp material, by designing the installation of a disintegrator type DS 650/1500, after the crusher, and nr. 2 roller mills LPS 12×10 in parallel. Should the client want to use dry material, after the disintegrator the line is equipped with a mobile conveyor belt, which transports the material to a series of hoppers to feed 4 big size impact crushers. Of these, two work and two are in stand-by. The line then continues with 2 apron feeders 8/1500 with high content capacity that batch the clay to the big GGS 5000, which then feeds the silos. The silos is equipped with one lateral bucket reclaimer type BEL F 130/14, which belongs to the latest generation of this type of reclaimers. Outside the silos the line is double and identical, with 2 apron feeders CNL 6/1500, 2 roller mills LPS 12×2 (a redesigned and very efficient machine), nr. 2 GG4500 and 2 extruders BED 750 SLS. Belt conveyors and electric boards complete the installation. The project is under construction and the commissioning operations will take place soon.
All these installations are designed by the strong engineering structure within Bedeschi group, by respecting the very high standard of the final client: a bigger production capacity, a decrease in the production costs and an improvement of the final product quality.

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