Bedeschi with Yara: a successful cooperation in the fertilizer sector

Published on June 17, 2015

Bedeschi was awarded a shiploader contract in May 2012 for Yara Germany located in Brunsbuttel, Germany. The supply consist in a turnkey project, including engineering, construction, erection, commissioning and start-up of a shiploader in replacement of the existing one.
Shiploader moves along the quay on a portal traveling device and receives the bulk material (urea) from the tripper car on the fixed quay gallery belt conveyor. The portal travelling device has two groups of twin wheels located on its corners and runs on rails. The upper part of the portal is equipped with one transfer chain-conveyor, receiving the material from the tripper car installed on the gallery quay conveyor, and delivery the same to the main chain conveyor installed on the boom of shiploader. The portal screw conveyor is also equipped with a cartridges filter suitable both for the ducting of transition point between tripper and the portal chain-conveyor, and to create vacuum atmosphere into the same screw conveyor. The slewing part of the shiploader consists of a rotating must frame superstructure, a supporting luffing boom equipped with the main chain-conveyor and a telescopic and tilting loading chute.
The telescopic and tilting chute can be equipped alternatively with a launching belt or with a loading spoon. These two accessories allows an easy and optimal loading efficiency of both big vessels up to 20,000 DWT and barges.
On the top part of the slewable boom is installed another filter dedicated to the ducting of the telescopic loading chute, through two connections, functioning as and extraction system to create a vacuum atmosphere into the holds of ocean vessel.
The telescopic chute is operated by a cable winch for the vertical movement. The internal part of chute is equipped with dedicated lined guide cones. The environmental friendly aim of the machine is entrusted also thanks to the totally closed chain-conveyor frames, which permit to reduce the noise emission.
Shiploading is carried out by a combination of slewing, luffing-lowering and telescoping movements. All movements are controlled from the same control cabin by means of a PLC automation.

Bedeschi is in the process of manufacturing activities of the raw materials handling machine for the new Le Havre port shiploader for Urea, belonging to Yara France. The contract is an EPC based including commissioning and startup activities. The shiploader is designed for loading at a rate up to 250 t/h and vessels with a capacity up to 20,000 DWT. The shiploader are luffing and travelling type and it is equipped with the traditional belt conveyor boom. The machines will be installed in substitution of the existing one at the harbor terminal, located few kilometres away from the Le Havre Yara plant and will become the connection point for the final products export operations. Commissioning of the machine is planned for the middle of 2016. This project constitute the third one awarded by Yara to Bedeschi confirming the full reliability of its machines in this field.

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