Published on January 9, 2015

Bedeschi Spa, the leading European company (founded 1908) in the construction and development of brick industry for machinery and plants.
After over one hundred years in the business it is certainly the only company on the marketplace that has maintained its technical and economic stability in order to assure continuity and the utmost reliability to its clients.
For this reason the historic Italian company has met great success thanks to the competence of the Bedeschi family and its high-quality technology.

Lyman is the leading Indonesian group in the production of roofing materials and recently has installed a new roof tile plant. To Bedeschi was commissioned supply of a completely new mono-layer self-standing tunnel kiln.
The project developed by Bedeschi engineering team seeks to meet the needs for the uniform firing as required by the high standards of the final client. For this reason innovative solutions linked to the placement and type of the burners installed have been studied, permitting optimal management of the flows inside the kiln.
Moreover thanks to the load types which makes separation of the material possible, optimal surface quality and a reduction in firing cycle and consumption have been obtained.
The kiln can obtain a significant production with a 16-hour firing cycle due to its dimensions.
Working at high temperatures the kiln is able to guarantee different color requests.
The supervision and control system is fully-automatic.
The plant is installed in a very short time and successful start up was done in October 2014.

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