BEDESCHI automation revamping at NOVA SLOGA, Resen, Macedonia

Published on June 30, 2016

The important industrial Group Oranzerii Hamzali, which Nova Sloga belongs to, with its owner Mr Vase Mitev, is prosecuting its excellent relationship with Bedeschi Group. In 2009 Bedeschi installed the whole line of preparation, storage and extruding line for hollow ad ceiling blocks of various types whilst the last intervention, just ended, concerns the enhancement of the product quality and the increase of the production capacity.

The supply includes the new cutting group, a robotized station for loading the wet product onto the pallet of the dryer car, two robotized stations for the loading the dried product onto the kiln cars and 4 robotized stations for unloading the fired product and reforming the pack onto the pallets. All these robotized stations are equipped with different grippers for the different types of products, designed and manufactured inside the Bedeschi Group. In fact, for several months CAMI, the historic Italian producer of grippers, is belonging to the Bedeschi Group.

Particular mention should be made to another electronic cutter installed by the Bedeschi Group.
The VHTBED type electronic cutter is designed and manufactured for cutting bricks, blocks, hollow bricks, extra-long hollow wares, flues and chamfered bricks. The machine can perform cuts in different ways : horizontal and vertical.
In the single-wire configuration, it allows to set the cutting length directly from the control panel without any additional adjustment on the machine.

The column treatment system developed for this machine can adapt to the cut frequency with the possibility of chamfering the brick; moreover, being located in the step preceding the cut, it results to be extremely accurate. The machine is equipped with a wire cleaning system as well as with the electronic control of the wire breakage. The spacing of the cut pieces is performed immediately after the cutting step through a system of belts driven by a brushless motor. All the elements of brushless moving components are integrated by an electronic control system.

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